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"Good Dick means a lot to me not just as a filmmaker, but as a victim of sexual abuse. It really shows how that can effect a person's life as well as their ability to start/develop new relationships. It's a wonderful film that educates, but also gets the audience to open up a dialogue to talk about the messages and themes of the movie. That's what a real film does."

"GOOD DICK means that originality is true life."

"Smallest etchings are made into the disruption, a pinked hand shakes off the shroud and reveals honest bewilderment.
Tears soaked up by the skin of a loved one, lying in the cradle of their neck and being gifted with love and insight.
A great fire of eradication, walls of a long dead city crumble and a white dust cloud settles on unblemished skin, healing and invigorating.
Freedom is awarded by a bold sword; relinquished fear now burns at our feet and guides us on, infusing our fancy.
Old masks disintegrate into the atmosphere and join together to create a huge dirt pile that with determination will fit into a locket for cherishing and consideration.
Most profound grief becomes a tool with which to light the way, to hold up to the battered faces of others and draw them out of a sinking universe.
Cathartic experience, distortion of role and finally owning a footprint; taking a place and holding steadfast."
-Stephen James Sheriff (to read more from Stephen, please visit his blog)

"Good Dick Means TO Me: What a refreshing change to watch a film about "Relationships" that are not the norm of main stream sociaty. These characters are very much like the people I see around me everyday. Complicated, interesting, emotionally twisted, flawed human beings, just looking to be loved and accepted. I found myself constantly being reminded, as I watch this film, how real these characters are! They are not unlike so many of the dysfunctional people around us. Misfit, loners, abused and wounded by the predators of this world, left to cope with the damage they leave behind. It takes tremendous courage to open your self up to love and healing, after such abuse and betrayal of trust has been broken. These two characters portray that there is hope and healing in the power of love! Thank You,Thank You, Marianna...For your courage to bring this film to life! Thank You, For not letting The "Fear" of something new and different, stop you from boldly going where your heart and emotions were leading you to!"

"Good Dick: Good dick means to me that one specail guy. They guy who sweeps you off your feet and is actually that good guy. He isn't perfect and he messes up but he fights for you. He lets his emotions out and doesn't let you walk out of his life. He knows what he wants and will do anything to have her and will treat her well. I'm not saying he is overly nice, he might be a "bad dick" but for the most part he stays good. He doesn't play games or commit adultry, doesn't run away from you when you need someone to talk to or just someone that will comfort. He makes you laugh and sticks up for you when your world feels like it is turned upside. He sees that light inside of you that at one point your mom was the only one to see it. He fuels it and allows your light to shine when your mom can't. A good dick is rare, but when found should never be let go"
- Christina UPC Films Kansas State University

"The GOOD DICK means funny, lovely, bitter sweet, surprising, amazing modern love story to me"
- Oguz Guven Ankara/ Turkiye