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Lecture Topics

Challenges and Opportunities for Women Who Want to Work in the Film and Television Industry
Talking Points Include:
Creating opportunities, Taking risks, Addressing Discrimination, The Casting Couch,
Making Sacrifices, Strategizing for Career Longevity, Common Pitfalls

The Portrayal of Sexual Abuse in Film, Television and the General Media
Talking Points Include:
How the depiction of an abuse victim in the media can both promote and undermine the perception
of these victims in society, What students do to stop the perpetuation of negative stereotypes
of abuse victims in the media

Writing, Directing, Producing and Self-Distributing (your first) Film
Talking Points Include:
Networking, How to find investors and raise independent funds, Assembling a team, Tenacity in the
face of the impossible, Creative budgeting for a film shoot, Executing from Script to Screen,
Marketing Your Film

Working as an Actor in Film & Television
Talking Points Include:
Education, Attitude, Preparation, Getting Noticed, Professionalism, Auditions, Agents,
Passion & Sacrifice, Handling Rejection, Nepotism (good and bad), Honing Your Craft


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