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‘I wanted to write a story with three-dimensional characters,’ Palka continues. ‘And thought it would be interesting subject matter to explore. I read a statistic that drove me to write the script. "One in three women are sexually abused before the age of 16." That was incomprehensible to me. It's too big a number. What do we do about that and why is that happening? How are we as a culture raising our sons? How do you get over something like that if it has happened to you. The film is about that: the change from dark to light in a person. And I was also interested in the definition of "Sexy," Because sex is a very dynamic vast beautiful thing. What I personally find sexy in a person is not what mainstream culture says is sexy, i.e. someone who is simply "Physically attractive." So I was trying to expose the fact that as far as mainstream cinema goes we’re not that well versed in what sex actually is.’ Palka has certainly achieved her goal no easy feet in an industry that’s notorious for stifling individual artistic expression. No doubt her get-up-and-go attitude helped: born to Polish parents in Glasgow, Palka found an early mentor in polymath Peter Mullan before leaving home at 17 to study theatre in New York and at 20 moving to LA, where she began working in film and where she eventually set up a production company with Ritter, Morning Knight. Ultimately, it’s being involved with every aspect of making Good Dick, what film historian David Thomson refers to as “the whole equation”, that has allowed Palka to make her film just the way she envisioned it. ‘I did a lot of acting and that was part of it, I love acting and I found this character fun to play even though she is dealing with a serious set of challenges’ Palka says, ‘So also with 'Good Dick' I wrote and ended up directing, producing and starring in my own film. It was a lot of work, but it did streamline the filmmaking process the writer and the director and the producer and the lead actor didn’t have to have many discussions with each other because they were all the same person.’ CHECK OUT GOOD DICK THE FILM

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