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Help us make KING OF NORWAY!

I'm the lead in the film KING OF NORWAY and we need to raise $10,000 in two days!! They've already raised $15K! The film has such deep beautiful feeling. And we get to shoot it on film.

Like us on facebook, and /or give whatever you'd like, even if it is a buck:

p.s. if you donate it's a tax write off!

What Does GOOD DICK Mean To You NOW!

As you may remember, when we released the film we did a campaign asking audience members, "WHAT DOES GOOD DICK MEAN TO YOU?" And we got amazing video responses! Those original videos are on our YouTube.

Given that some time has past, we've all realized unique things about what GOOD DICK means to us now and we're making new videos to share this with you.

Send us YOUR video to info@gooddickthefilm.com answering the question, "WHAT DOES GOOD DICK MEAN TO YOU NOW?"
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The Soundtrack on iTunes

The GOOD DICK Original Soundtrack is available on iTunes.

Jared Nelson Smith did a beautiful job with this music!!

The Perfect Gift!

The holidays are coming up fast. The perfect gift to give would be GOOD DICK merchandise! DVDs, Posters, Mini-Posters, & Stickers are all for sale at http://transitmedia.net/shop/index.lasso?fsid=Good_Dick


John Patrick Shanley sent me a quote, "Magic used to control love is a
mistake. Magic that occurs of its own as a result of love is a

Off Camera International Festival of Independent Cinema

Watch this clip of Marianna at the Off Camera International Festival of Independent Cinema in Krakow, Poland.


My Purpose to Make Art

I work in my purpose to make art usually in the form of film that helps or enfranchises you, that liberates you, that is available to you. To all of my incredible supporters, who have left me messages here or anywhere, I want to say thank you so much. Your messages help, enfranchise and liberate me. And by being brave enough to write to me, you've made your truth available to me. I take that very seriously indeed. I am so grateful to you all. I have a master plan to make your brave words available to more people, more to come on that. But for now, thank you my Angels for the kind words. We're all working to make the world a better place. Dream big because they come true. Keep the faith.
Love Marianna xxxx
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